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Youth Program



September 11th to November 6th
Registration is now open!!


REGISTRATION FEE.........................................................$130.00

LATE FEE BEGINS JUNE 30TH...........................................$50.00

VOLUNTEER BUYOUT FEE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $100.00

(If not volunteering, a $100.00 non-refundable buyout fee, per child, is required at time of registering.  Buyout fee is only offered at the time of registration only).   The Buyout is NOT refundable under ANY circumstances.

Payment by credit card or check.  Child NOT placed on a team until payment is received.  

TO REGISTER:   Click on the  "Register " button on the upper right front home page.  This will bring you to the Registration Page.  Click on Recreation Fall 2021 Registration.  We have a new system with Sports Engine.  If you do not have a Sports Engine account you will need to create one.  

Boys:    Preschool - 9th   

Girls:    Preschool - 9th     

Players must be 4 yrs old by March 1 to play in the spring, and 4 yrs old by August 1  to play in the fall and winter.

VOLUNTEER POLICY:  GLSA has implemented Volunteer Hub for the Recreational Program. The Volunteer Hub system allows parents to choose their own assignments.  Once a shift is chosen it CANNOT be changed.

The RED “Volunteer Now” button and instructions are located on the Volunteer Info Page.  If you have an account in Volunteer Hub from previous seasons, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.   If you do not have an account in Volunteer Hub, you will need to create a username and password.  Remember, this is separate from your GLSA Blue Sombrero account.  Keep your username and password for your records as you will need it for future seasons. The Volunteer Now button will be activated in mid July.

Parents who fail to register, chose and work a shift will be billed the No Show Fee $150 per child.  The No Show Fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances.

If unable to volunteer, a $100.00  non-refundable buyout fee, per child, must be paid at the time of registration.  Buyout fee is only offered at the time of registration.

REFUND POLICY:  Deadline for refunds is June 30, 2021 and must be submitted in writing to, or mailed to the GLSA Office.  A check for the registration fee will be mailed to you.  The Buyout fee is non-refundable.  After deadline, refunds only issued for medical (physician’s note required) or relocation reasons.  GLSA does not give refunds if player has a conflict with games and/or training day and times due to other activities.

SEASON:  The 8 game season runs September 11, 2021 to November 6, 2021.  Make up day if whole day is canceled due to weather is November 13, 2021.

Games will be on Saturday mornings, at LTSC.  Game Schedules for the season will be posted under  "Recreational" tab, under "Schedules". 

UNIFORMS & EQUIPMENT:  Each child will receive a jersey that are theirs to keep, to wear at games.  Soccer shoes are recommended, but not mandatory.

· All players must wear shin guards at all  games.  They should be size appropriate, and referees check before each game.  Coaches will not allow players to practice without shin guards. 

· All players must remove watches, jewelry, earrings (no starter studs), metal hair beads, etc. at practices & games.

· All players must bring their own soccer ball to practice. . . . . . . Preschool – 2nd = size 3;  3rd-5th = size 4

· If a player wears eyeglasses, then sports safety glasses must be worn during practices or games.

JEWELRY:  GLSA prohibits players from wearing jewelry or earrings during practice or games.  Children with starter studs WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PLAY until they are removed.

TEAMS:  Players are divided by gender and grade.  We attempt to form teams around schools and/or neighborhoods, AND the availability and location of coaches.  Teams begin forming as registrations come in and players are put on teams.  If a school and/or neighborhood does not have enough parent volunteer coaches, then players are put on teams in neighborhoods that do.  If more parents volunteer to coach in a grade level than there are teams, then not everyone will be able coach.  

Specific team requests are not accepted.  Encourage your child to welcome new faces and make new  friends, and the opportunity to learn different skills from different coaches. In the event that we lose a coach, then GLSA will ask parents on that roster to come forward to coach, to keep that team intact.  If no one comes forward, then the team is disbanded and players spread out among other teams with openings. If there are no openings, then a refund will be issued.  

Later registrants are placed on teams with openings, on a  1st-come, 1st-serve basis, until teams are filled.       

ROSTERS:  Preschool & Kindergarten = 10 (play 2- 3v3), 1st & 2nd  = 12 (play 2-4v4), 3rd, & 4th gr. = 10 (play 7v7)  /   5th/6th  = 12 (play 9v9)    /  7th/8th/9th  = 16 (play 11v11) 

COACHING:  Coach and Assistant Coach assignments are done on availability of teams within a Division.   Selected coaches and assistant coaches must attend the mandatory yearly coach's seminar covering Safe Sport,  goal safety and 1st aid. Only coaches and assistant coaches chosen will be notified in February via email, of your team assignment.  Parents who are not selected for coaching will be put in the volunteer pool and must register for a volunteer shift through Volunteer Hub.

PRACTICES:  Coaches decide on practice days, times, and location, which are held in neighborhood parks or school grounds. Coaches put in countless hours coaching, and are not compensated for their time, so please cooperate with them regarding practices.  GLSA will not issue a refund or move players to another team because practice times or location conflict with other activities, or not with their best friend, etc.  Coaches decide their team’s practice day & time, so if this is of utmost importance to you, then volunteer to coach.

The GLSA has the right to change any of these rules or make a decision that would be in the best interest of the participants.

Any questions or concerns, contact Gina Wessel, GLSA Club Administrator,

Hope to see you in Spring.


Spring season League. .   6 games / weeks, Apr.-May:             On-line registration Oct./Jan.    


Fall season League . . . .   8 games / weeks, Sept.-Nov:            On-line registration May/June 

 Eligibility:   Boys:    Pre-Kindergarten - 9th grade      Girls:    Pre-Kindergarten – 9th grade      

Must be 4 yrs. old by March 1 to play in spring, and 4 yrs. old by August 1 to play in the fall.