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Recreation Begins on Saturday, Sept 19th

By Gina Wessel, 09/17/20, 2:15PM CDT


Recreational Scrimmage Games begin Saturday, September 19th,  Full schedule is posted on the GLSA website under Recreation-Schedule Page.


  1. Temperature (100.3 or less).  Wellness check at home
  2. Masks required to and from parking lot for all coaches and players
  3. Spectators must have masks on at all times if within 6ft of someone outside of household
  4. Sanitize hands and equipment before and after play
  5. Coaches wear masks within 6 feet of players
  6. Players may remove to play and when 6 feet apart on sideline
  7. Make sure players bags are 6 feet apart for training and games
  8. You keep attendance log for training
  9. Assign volunteer to keep game player/spectator attendance
  10. Spectators 30 feet back, MUST stay behind white dashed line
  11. Families stay in own area 6 feet away from other families
  12. No Snacks, Sharing of food or drinks and no sharing of equipment
  13. Clean garbage from training and bench area

Full Covid Guidelines are posted on the GLSA website-Rec Info Page.

Each parent is required to contribute four (4) hours volunteer work per child registered, or pay a buyout fee when completing their registration.
The GLSA Directors, recreational coaches, and assistant coaches are all volunteers, who help in providing a quality recreational soccer program for children.
Volunteer Hub ~ All parents, except coaches and assistant coaches must pick their volunteer shift no later than September 19th. Link and Instructions for Volunteer Hub is on the Rec Volunteer Info Page under the Recreational Tab. Failure to sign up for a shift will result in $150 No Show Fee per child. No Show Billing will be sent September 19th.
Dress for the weather, in case you end up outside.

The most up-to-date information regarding programs, events, registration forms, coaching materials, clinics, etc. will be posted on the GLSA website at, including game schedules, and cancellations due to LTSC closings.

GLSA will post on the front page of our website,, any game cancellations or postponements due to LTSC closing fields due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions. Game cancellation or postponement due to weather conditions is the exclusive responsibility of LTSC in conjunction with GLSA after consideration of weather, field conditions, and foremost player safety. Coaches cannot cancel or postpone games due to weather. Referees may in rare situations terminate a game because of concerns about field conditions and player safety. GLSA realizes that on occasion parents may feel weather conditions too inclement for play, and may choose to have their child not participate.

Weather Conditions:
A Lightning Prediction System is installed at LTSC. The unit senses lightning and emits a 30 second alarm that sounds like a high pitch wobble and a strobe light goes on. When you hear that alarm, clear the fields immediately and go to the safety of your car. During the alert period, a strobe light flashes on the unit and when conditions are acceptable to resume play, the horn emits a low on/off tone, and the strobe turns off.
If lightning develops while games are in progress, the referees, field marshals, and coaches should immediately instruct everyone to clear the fields and take cover in their cars.

A. Under no circumstances are goals ever to be used for recreational practices or warm-ups.
B. GLSA coaches are required to perform a Goal Safety check and sign the game card indicating the check was completed prior to the use of the field for warm ups/games. Do not allow your child to use the field prior to the completion of the goal safety check.
C. Do NOT move goals or tamper with anchor stakes or sandbags
D. Do NOT allow children to hang on goals or climb on nets.
E. No practice warm-up in the goal area by players or visitors.
F. Contact the nearest field marshal and have them call a LTSC or the GLSA GAME DAY SUPERVIOR if you need any type of assistance with goals or nets.

The Libertyville Township Soccer Complex is a “Heart Safe” Venue. There are two Automated External Defibrillator Units on Site. During Recreation Weekends they are located as follows;

Unit # 1 Emergency Box on new Concession Stand Bldg. (field #1)

Unit # 2 The Referee/Volunteer shed, with the Game Day Supervisor

In the event of a Cardiac Emergency, dial 911 than immediately contact a field marshal. Our Game Day Supervisor is CPR and AED trained, and will be available with the unit to assist you.
If a Field Marshal is not immediately available, you may reach the game day supervisor directly at the Ref/Vol Shed.
Sport Safe Training:
Coaches and Assistant Coaches must be Safe Sport Trained, Concussion Trained and submit an IYSA Background check which is a mandated program designed by Congress for the protection of every child. Coaches who are not Safe Sport Trained will not be allowed to coach.

Enjoy the Season and Keep Kicking!!!
The mission of the Greater Libertyville Soccer Association is to provide and promote the opportunity for a positive soccer experience for each participant appropriate to the level of his or her interest and ability.