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FC 1974 Program

Foundation Stage

The learning to train stage covers ages u8-u10. The objective is to learn all the fundamental soccer skills, building overall sports skills. In this stage, children gradually begin to change from being self-centered to self-critical and develop the need for group games. This is a flux phase in a youngster’s soccer career. The motivation to learn basic skills is very high at this age.

Formation Stage

The objective at this stage, u11-u12, is to learn all the fundamental soccer skills. Many players at this age are deciding if they want to commit deeply to soccer, stay in the game with a part-time commitment or drop the sport altogether. The coach must also be sensitive to the many biological and psychological changes that are occurring for these children now and through the U14 age group. The effect of the role model is very important at this stage of development. Hero worship, identification with successful teams and players and a hunger for imaginative skills typify the mentality of this age. This is a time of transition from self-centered to self-critical. Players of this age have a high arousal level in relation to the training of basic skills. The golden age of learning begins with the U9/U10’s and continuing with the U11/U12’s is the most important age for skill development. Demonstration is very important, and the players learn best by doing.

Pre-Performance Stage
The stage begins at u13 as the players begin playing 11v11, through u15. At this stage, patience will be required as the players' physical and tactical dimensions adapt to the larger field size and increased numbers. Players can begin to appreciate the basic ideas of positioning and roles within the systems of play. The pace of development quickens at this level due to the acceleration of physical and mental maturation. The early lessons of support and mobility are expanded to evolve combination in two's and three’s and defending can also become more coordinated as players learn to relate to each other in both attack and defense. Individual and group decision-making are associated with purposeful changes in the rhythm of play, and movement away from the ball can become a critical element of problem solving.

Performance Stage

As players progress from the Pre-Performance to the Performance stage, u16-u19, they are ready to make the transition when they are adept at achieving consistent high-quality performances required in achieving positive results. Winning is important in this stage, but that is not to say that it is unimportant in the earlier stages. It is simply that the emphasis in the earlier stages is on the acquisition and development of skills and strategies, and focus is placed on the learning process developing from competitive experiences, rather than on the outcome of the competition. 

Foundation Stage – Director - Jeff Widmark

U8 Girls Premier Orange – Sarah Weir                       U8 Boys Premier Orange – Mitko Dzhurov
U8 Girls Premier Black – Sarah Weir                          U8 Boys Premier Black – Mitko Dzhurov
U9 Girls Premier Orange – Mitko Dzhurov                  U9 Boys Premier Orange – Jeff Widmark
U9 Girls Premier Black 1 – Jeff Widmark                    U9 Boys Premier Black – Hayden Howard
U9 Girls Premier Black 2 – Hayden Howard               U10 Boys Premier Orange – Jeff Widmark
U10 Girls Premier Orange 1 – Sarah Weir                  U10 Boys Premier Black 1 – Mitko Dzhurov
U10 Girls Premier Orange 2 – Jeff Widmark               U10 Boys Premier Black 2 – Hayden Howard
U10 Girls Premier Black – Mitko Dzhurov                 

Formation Stage – Director – Josh Paskiewicz

U11 Girls Elite – Josh Paskiewicz                                U11 Boys Elite – Michael Zovistoski
U11 Girls Select – Cesar Murua                                   U11 Boys Select – Michael Zovistoski
U11 Girls Premier – Manny Rojas                                U11 Boys Premier – Manny Rojas
U12 Girls Elite – Josh Paskiewicz                                U12 Boys Elite – Antonio Guadaramma
U12 Girls Select – Cesar Murua                                   U12 Boys Select – Antonio Guadaramma
U12 Girls Premier – Manny Rojas                                U12 Boys Premier – Manny Rojas

Pre-Performance and Performance Stages – Girls Director – Bryan Mancill

U13 Girls Elite – Tom Holevas                                      U16 Girls Elite – Bryan Mancill
U13 Girls Select – Stephen Hunt                                 U16 Girls Select – Peter Ramirez
U13 Girls Premier – Cesar Murua                                U17 Girls Elite – Srgjan Smileski
U14 Girls Elite – Bryan Mancill                                     U17 Girls Select – Stephen Hunt
U14 Girls Select – Peter Ramirez                                U19 Girls Elite – Dule Radovanovic
U15 Girls Elite – Dule Radovanovic                             U19 Girls Select – Mitko Dzhurov
U15 Girls Select 1 – Stephen Hunt                           
U15 Girls Select 2 – Stephen Hunt                            

Pre-Performance and Performance Stages – Boys Director – Srgjan Smileski

U13 Boys Elite – Memo Marin.                                  U16 Boys Elite – Srgjan Smileski
U13 Boys Select – Niko Milic                                     U16 Boys Select – Santiago Rubio
U13 Boys Premier – Antonio Guadaramma               U16 Boys Select 2 – Hayden Howard
U14 Boys Elite – Memo Marin                                    U17 Boys Elite – Srgjan Smileski
U14 Boys Select – Santiago Rubio                             U17 Boys Select – Santiago Rubio
U14 Boys Premier – Santiago Rubio, Niko Milic         U19 Boys Elite – Srgjan Smileski

U15 Boys Elite – Memo Marin                                    U19 Boys Select 1 – Dule Radovanovic
U15 Boys Select – Dule Radovanovic                         U19 Boys Select 2 – Niko Milic


If you are interested in joining FC 1974 and would like to know more about the program,  please reach out to Executive Director, Michael Zovistoski.