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Keys to Eating For Optimal Competition and Training


· Two to four hours before exercise, be sure to hydrate early and often, and eat healthful and nutritious carbohydrate-rich foods, including light sandwiches, pasta, salads, fruits, and nutritional bars.

· 30 – 60 minutes before training or games it’s important to have a single serving of complex carbs & a few proteins that are easily digestible. This will give the body fuel it needs so that it has the energy to do what’s asked of it without eating at the muscle itself! (Be sure NOT to have high sugar content items as this will cause a crash in the system. The carbs are turned into sugar that the body uses for energy.)  


· Hydration is the key. Water is adequate. Sports drinks should be consumed with caution as you want to know the ingredients & be very aware of the amount of, & kinds of, sugar.


· This is the most important time as this is when the body is most receptive to nutrients due to the state of depletion & vulnerability that it is in.

·  Within the first hour it is essential for proteins to be consumed in order to rebuild the muscles that have been torn down & fatigued. (Carbs are needed on a much smaller scale than before exercise.) Leaving the body depleted & not building it up leaves it very susceptible to weakness & illness.

PROTEIN IDEAS:                             COMPLEX CARB IDEAS:                                SNACK IDEAS:

· almonds                                       * fresh fruit – berries are great                      * fresh fruit

· avocado                                      * non-starchy vegetables                               * vegetables

· black beans                                 * whole grains (brown & crunchy) -              * yogurt

· hummus                                        bread,  pasta, crackers, brown                    * fruit smoothee

· oatmeal                                         rice, etc…                                                      * nutritional bars

· peanut butter                               * nuts                                                              * pretzels

· banana                                        * dairy products – unsweetened                   

· dark, green leafy                         * legumes

· cheese

This is designed to be simple, easy to follow & implement, beginning ideas on incorporating nutrition into the daily lives of our young athletes. Our overall wellness is 70% what we put into our bodies, & only 30% exercise! Be creative - mix & match! 


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