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Summer Camps

Coach Memo Marin's Brazilian Futbol Day Camp 

Recommended for COMPETITIVE players from 7 to 15 years old.

This camp consists education divided into five days. In this program, players will learn why, when and how to apply each one of the twelve techniques of soccer combined with the development of the coordination without the ball and the progressive education of the positioning on and off the ball from 1 v 1 to 6 v 6 based on the GLSA methodology. As a result of success, players gain self-confidence to face new challenges on the field. As the team builds character, players become better prepared to tolerate mistakes. Eventually, the players learn from those mistakes and improve periodically.


The major goals to accomplish in this program:
  • Introduce Body Coordination for soccer players based on the Brazilian Soccer Principles.
  • Begin development of fast reaction to be applied on the field including: shooting, passing, reception, short crossing, and finishing.
  • Apply the concept of speed of thought (4 Basic Aspects).
  • Introduce team positioning on the field. 1 v 1 to 6 v 6 defensive-offensive
  • Establish self-confidence.
  • Teach how to read a game.
  • Implement the 4 individual abilities of a player.
  • Understanding the different types of penetration.

Basic Itinerary
Day 1

  • Player Analysis
  • Lower body and Global coordination - Brazilian warm up
  • Technical development - 4 heights and 4 game situations
  • Tactical positioning analogy
  • Speed of thought - 4 basic aspects of Brazilian soccer
  • Game condition - Apply the concepts in the specific age group (U8 - 4v4; U9 to U10 - 6v6; U12 to U14 - 8v8).

Day 2

  • Brazilian warm up with the ball
  • 4 heights continuing development
  • Technical Circuit training - 4 heights
  • Game Situation - developing marking and attacking abilities
  • Introduction and development of the team
  • World Cup I

Day 3

  • Warm up with the ball - speed of thought
  • Shooting technique - 3 phases
  • Phase I - Introduction - 7 steps
  • Phase II - fast reaction of the technique
  • Phase III - Game situation - 4 balls game
  • World Cup II

Day 4

  • Heading technique - Introduction
  • Short crossing, finishing
  • Phase I - Development
  • Phase II - fast reaction of the technique
  • Phase III - game situation
  • 3v3 and foot communication - Types of penetration
  • Game condition: 4 basic aspects of Brazilian soccer
  • World Cup III

Day 5

  • The player's individual abilities
  • Positioning
  • World Cup - Final Games 

    General Information and Costs

    Dates:  Camp 1 - June 24-28, Camp 2 - July  8-12
    Time:  9:30am -12:00pm - U8-U11
              1:00pm - 3:30pm - U12-U15
    Location:  Libertyville Township Soccer Complex
    Fees: $175/week

Competitive Goalkeeping Camp

GLSA is proud of it’s growing summer Goalkeeping Camp for competitive youth soccer players ages 9 to 18. Players are instructed in all areas of goalkeeping from fundamental skills to tactical decision-making skills. Technical, tactical, physical and psychological dimensions of goalkeeping are taught in age appropriate exercises and games.  GLSA Goalkeeping Director and Libertyville HS Varsity Assistant, Michael Walker, will lead and instruct the Camp.

Course Instruction:
Tactics: Decision Making, Angle Play, Positioning, Starting the Attack, Dead Balls
Conditioning: Nutrition, Proper Warm up, Pressure Training, Footwork and Power Development
Techniques:  Diving Saves, Distribution, Shot Saving and Redirecting, Handling Crosses, Breakaways 
Psychology:  Leadership, Self-Confidence, Training Ethics, Goal Setting, Dealing with giving up goals and learning from mistakes

General Information and Costs
Dates:  June 24-27
Time:  12:00pm -2:00pm - U9-U12
           2:30pm - 4:30pm - U13-U18
Location:  Libertyville Township Soccer Complex
Fees: $120/week

Recreational Player Camp

GLSA is proud to announce that the 2019 GLSA summer camps will be conducted by the GLSA Professional Staff to provide the ultimate camp experience for recreational youth soccer players ages 6 to 14. Campers will receive training in fundamental skills that will be presented in an age appropriate manner.  Younger players will learn about the basics of soccer through a variety of creative activities and games, while older age groups concentrate on more challenging skills and tactics for recreational play.  There will be contests throughout the camp week, highlighted by the Camper Recognition Ceremony that takes place on the last camp day. 

Topics To Be Covered:
Mon- Attacking play; dribbling, 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, 3v2,
Tue- Possession play; passing and receiving
Wed- Finishing; SCORING!!!
Thurs- GAME DAY, Raffle and Camper Recognition Ceremony!!!!

General Information and costs:
Dates: Camp 1 - July 8-11, Camp 2 - July 15-18
Times: Morning 9am-12pm
Location: Libertyville Township Soccer Complex 
Costs: $130/week

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