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Training Policy                                                                                              

• Players must train in the FC 1974 Training uniform (white shirt, black shorts, black socks,                                                                          

cold weather FC 1974 warm up)
• Players must arrive at training properly prepared mentally and physically to develop. 
• If a player must arrive late or leave a training early, the coach must be notified in advance.
• If a player needs to miss a training notification must be made to the COACH. That training must be made up with another team directed by the coach
• Players are allowed to attend other training sessions with another team in the club, this must be cleared in advance with the Coaching Staff
• Parents are NOT allowed to interrupt training to talk to the coach or the players, with exception in case of an emergency
• If you would like a conference with the coach, an appointment must be made either before or after practice


Coaches Expectations
• The coach is hired by the DOC and approved by the club. The coach has the sole responsibility for coaching the team, which includes:
• Approving any parental support
• Determining tactics and formations
• Determining playing time and playing positions
• Establishing and implementing training techniques and times in accordance with the format developed by the Director
• Recruiting players within the State Guidelines
• Securing substitute coach, with the guidance of the DOC, if for any reason the coach is unable to attend a practice or a game
• Ensuring the uniform policy is enforced for practice and games
• Being available to parents to discuss players
• Keeping a good line of communication with the manager regarding the team

The Coach will always....
• Lead by example
• Be ultimately responsible for the team regarding the enforcement of all club and team policies, procedures, rules, regulations, including the mission statement of the Club
• Attend all scheduled club coaches meetings


Players Expectations
The players are selected by the coaching staff of FC 1974 Libertyville. It is important that the players observe the guidelines established by the Club, League, and State Associations.
The player will.....
• Train and play to best of their ability
• Be held accountable for his or her actions
• Have a positive attitude and never give up
• Win without boasting and exemplify sportsmanship
• Respect officials and accept their decisions without question
• Only give positive encouragement to fellow teammates
• Arrive prepared for all games and training sessions with proper mental attitude and the appropriate equipment
• Respect the coaching staff, teammates and opponents
• Learn and obey the Laws of the Game, the rules of the team and Club
• Practice soccer skills and conditioning on their own
• Notify the coach or team manager if they will be tardy for or unable to attend a training,.game, or meeting
The player will never....
• Allow their enthusiasm and commitment for soccer to override responsibilities at home.or to their education
• Use profane or vulgar language
• Use a controlled substance, unless prescribed by a doctor
• Leave the field of a session without the permission of the coach
• Disregard instructions of the coach
• Forget that I represent FC 1974 on and off the field


Parents Expectations
The parents are an integral part of FC 1974‘s support system. It is important that parents.observe the guidelines established by the Club, Leagues, and State Association.
The Parent Will....
• Be encouraging, supportive, and affirmative with regard to their child’s play on the field
• Respect officials and accept their decisions
• Support the coach, manager, the team, and the club
• Volunteer their services and talents to the Club
• Familiarize themselves with the Laws of the Game
• Comply with the rules, policies, and procedures of the team and the club
• Discuss my child
1) only with the coach
2) not with the manager or any other person
3) only at a time mutually agreed up on the with the coach
4) never prior to, during, or directly after a game
• Realize that parental opinion regarding playing time, game strategy and execution does not impact the way the Coaching Staff coaches the players
The Parent will never...
• Engage in dissent directed to an official or linemen
• Engage in any manner of unsportsmanlike conduct directed towards any official, linesmen, coach, manager, player, parent or opposing spectator
• Instruct players during the game. The parents role is strictly encouragement
• Interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or manager
• Act in any way that is detrimental to the team or Club.


Local Events and Matches
• Players must arrive at the game field from 45 minutes to 1 hour before the start of the game
• Players must arrive properly and uniformly dressed
• Players must only warm up with their teammates and coaches, NOT PARENTS

FC1974 Travel Policy

· A travel itinerary will be given to all the players and parents by the coach before departure to any out of town tournament

· Coaches and attending parents will share responsibility of supervising players and following itinerary at hotel.

· Players must follow the itinerary and must follow proper curfew established by the coach.

· U11-U14 players will room with their parents. U15 and older players must room together.

· Senior teams will have a minimum ratio of parent chaperons to players of 6:1

· Players are strongly encouraged to travel together as a team, in order to arrive at the event destination all around the same time

·Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from the tournament including flights.  If a parent is not going, parent is responsible to find another parent to take their child.

· If  travel requires flying to a event, players will wear FC attire or the FC 1974 Warm Up.

· When off the field and at hotel, players must wear FC 1974 attire.

· Teams will be traveling from the hotel to the fields and back together.

· Players must NEVER leave the hotel without the coach’s permission, even if leaving with their parents. The coach must know the whereabouts of all the players at all times.

· As long as the team is still playing in the event, players are required to meet at a designated area at a designated time provided by coach or manager.

· Use of the pool, Jacuzzi, any exercise equipment must only be done with the permission of the coach.

· Every person associated with FC 1974 must follow the rules of the hotel, and rules set by the club. 

· If the event has both male and female teams, casual association during free time will   be allowed in public areas, absolutely no player will enter rooms of the opposite sex.  If a conference is necessary between the coach and an individual player, it must be done in lobby of the hotel

Tournament & Travel Expenses –

U11-HS traveling to a showcase or MRL event (typically 2 nights)

·GLSA will bill team all expenses after the event, i.e. –tournaments expense, coaches’ expenses & Senior player hotel expenses.

·Families are expected to submit payment by the given deadline once posted in their family account.

·Players who have outstanding balances, will NOT be able to play in the next event, and will have their pass pulled, until receipt of payment.

TA Responsibilities when traveling

·TA will collect money from players for team meals prior to event.

·$30.00 (if hotel provides breakfast) or $35.00 (if hotel does not provide breakfast) per player/for each full day of event. Money collect will pay for LUNCH, DINNER & WATER/GATORADE & after game CHOCOLATE MILK

·Time of team meals and what the meal should be will be coordinated with coach prior to travel

·TA is only responsible for player meals; TA is not responsible for parent’s meals.

·Parents are responsible for providing meals for player on day of travel, unless otherwise coordinated ahead of time.

·TA can coordinate with other parents – coolers with ice for Gatorade, water and chocolate milk at all games

· U14 & HS players, TA will coordinate with coach team chaperones -6:1 ratio

Economical Meal Ideas when traveling

Breakfast (if not provided by hotel)



Whole grain bagels w/ cream cheese or peanut butter

Whole grain cereal


Subway on whole wheat bread –turkey or ham with cheese, condiments on the side

Jimmy Johns offers a convenient box lunch

Peanut Butter & Jelly Rounders

Cheese sticks


Goldfish or Pretzels

Trailmix or mixed nuts

Plain Chicken breast (protein)


Olive Garden offers a good catering menu for large groups and prices are very reasonable.

Trays of pasta –plain or marinara sauce, with salad and breadsticks.

Grilled Chicken breast with salad

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