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GLSA Futsal Program:

We are moving the technical training aspect to futsal based this year as we plan to increase the Futsal Program in the club going forward.  Futsal is very technical and decision based form of indoor soccer and we feel this will help our players gain a higher level of comfort and confidence on the ball. This goes hand in hand with our club playing philosophy and how we want our players to be able to handle themselves on the field.  Coach Daniel Mattos is our new Futsal Director. Daniel is from Brazil, grew up playing Futsal and is currently a U.S. Futsal Men’s National Team player and will be playing for the Milwaukee Wave this upcoming professional indoor season. He will run these sessions with Coach Mitko, who has specialized in technical training within the Youth Program at GLSA for several years.


Futsal is the only form of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA.  This is the game many outdoor soccer players around the globe grew up playing, which helped them improve their control skills and touch as well as tactical understanding related to the outdoor game. The general rules include:

  • 4 field players and a Goal Keeper
  • No offside
  • 4 seconds restarts: During GK restart (no goal kicks - GK must throw the ball), sideline kick-ins and corners, players only have 4 seconds to put the ball back in play
  • 24 minute halves for tournament and for league play
  • GK may only touch the ball once per possession in own half. If GK decides to cross half court, he/she may have unlimited touches.


“In futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. In normal football you don’t necessarily identify talent as easily because it’s so much more physical. But with futsal, you notice the small details in quality, class and tactical understanding.” – Xavi, Barcelona’s Legend - 2x UEFA Euro Champion and 2010 FIFA World Cup champion with Spain

  • GREATER SKILL DEVELOPMENT:  Futsal gives each players 1200% more ball contact than soccer so players develop faster due to increased ball competency. Repetitive, cognitive application allows players to develop faster on conscious and subconscious level – Case Study by Set Sport Corp. A player will touch the ball 80-100 times in a 40 min match as opposed to 20-40 (based on position) in a 90 min outdoor match. 

  • SPEED OF PLAY: With constant opponent pressure and a 4 second restart rule, the game demands quick decisions. Players must learn to play and think fast. The game helps develop intelligent players who make quicker technical and tactical decisions.

  • CONTINUITY OF PLAY: Action is continuous and physically demanding so players must continue play instead of stopping and watching. It enhances physical capabilities.

  • QUICKLY BUILDS CONFIDENCE AND GAME UNDERSTANDING: As a small sided game, players are constantly placed in situations where they must improvise and find solutions to the pressure of limited space. Players who grow up playing Futsal commonly state they felt like playing in slow motion when they first made the transition to outdoor soccer.

  • CREATES “TOTAL SOCCER” OPPORTUNITY: Futsal is played with five players per team – four field players and a goalie.  Players learn to be versatile as they constantly move between all positions. Players must quickly transition between attacking and defensive plays continuously.

  • FUTSAL BALL: A specially designed, low bounce ball is used. The low bounce Futsal ball spends more time on the floor which is excellent for the development of players’ skill, technique & close ball control.

U.S. Soccer Federation recommends Futsal and has implemented Futsal in the Academy program

Some Soccer Pros born in Futsal in Brazil:

Standard Futsal Ball Sizing
Regulation Size (25 inch circumference) #4 size or Senior: Ages 12 and up
Junior Size (22.5 inch circumference) #3 size or Junior: Ages 8-12 years
Mini Size (21.5 inch circumference): Ages 8 and under

GLSA Futsal Program

Futsal Technical Fridays:

  • Already included in the program to all players in the GLSA Premier program, these sessions are designed to teach the basics to advanced technical aspects of Futsal. The primary focus is on translating the technical benefits of Futsal to the outdoor game.
  • The sessions are 1 hour with 40 minutes of activities and 20 minutes of playing (depending on overall number). Players will be gradually introduced to the overall rules of the game of Futsal. Each player is scheduled for 3-4 Fridays during the Fall Season. Attendance is strongly recommended by coaches and the curriculum allows players to not only be challenged but also find success. 
  • When: Fall season – Scheduled for each team attached below
  • Where: Libertyville Sports Complex – indoor facility
  • Cost: No Cost. Already included in the GLSA Premier program
  • Equipment: Flats ONLY! No turf or cleats allowed. Shin guards + Futsal ball (if you have one). No soccer balls needed. GLSA training gear for sessions.

Winter Futsal School:

  • Sessions are designed to teach the basics to advanced technical and tactical aspects of Futsal with a focus on translating the overall benefits to the outdoor game. 

  • The sessions are 1 hour with 30 minutes of activities and 30 minutes of playing. Players will be challenged to play under the Futsal rules and apply curriculum’s topic into their playing time.

  • When: Winter Season - Tuesdays and Thursdays – Nov - Dec

  • Where: Libertyville Sports Complex – indoor facility

  • Cost: $120/8 1-hour sessions

  • Equipment: Flats ONLY! No turf or cleats allowed. Shin guards + Futsal ball (if you have one). No soccer balls needed. GLSA or FC 1974 training gear for sessions.


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