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College Assistance Coordinator - Tom Holevas

This program is designed to assist any GLSA Premier high school player that has the desire to go on and play college soccer.  There are many opportunities for soccer players in college and we are here to help guide you in the right direction and educate you on the process of college recruiting. YES, scholarships are out there, but should not be the only reason for choosing a school, both athletically & academically.  We look at 5 areas when evaluating a school & it’s soccer program. As part of our College Assistance Program, GLSA offers a U23 Program, so players are able to stay sharp during the summer and prepare for their upcoming collegiate fall season.

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NCAA College Soccer Varsity Programs (2010 findings)

* Click on either the Men's or Women's program for each division to see # of universities or colleges that sponsor varsity soccer.

NCAA Division 1 *     Men’s programs          Women’s programs

NCAA Division 2 *     Men’s programs          Women’s programs

NCAA Division 3 **   Men’s programs          Women’s programs

* These programs have the ability to offer athletic scholarships, if the funds are available to their program.

** Regardless of what you’ve heard, all D3 schools are NOT allowed to offer any type of athletic scholarship – just academic scholarships can be offered and other college grants to assist with financial aid.

Keys to effectively getting yourself recruited:

1 - Take the time and write / email the school yourself.  College coaches prefer a more personal approach to getting a player’s name out them.  It show’s that you’ve taken the time to prepare a playing / academic resume for their viewing and that you’ve researched the school.

2 – Please keep your player resume to no more than one page if at all necessary.  GLSA Premier does make player profile sheets for each and everyone of their senior class players.  We can also make one for juniors, if they want to start the process early.

3 – Please make sure to PROOF your letters to each college you write.  Nothing is more embarrassing than having a different school name on a letter to a program you really have a strong interest.

4 – Know the NCAA rules: 1 – Coaches are only allowed to call seniors players only (one time a week) / 2 – You can call or email a coach as often as you’d like (refer to #1 though) / 3 – ONLY seniors are allowed to make OFFICIAL vists to colleges and you are only allowed 5 of those / 4 – You can make as many UNOFFICIAL visits as you want.

5 – Really think it over if you plan on using a recruiting service.  They tend to be rather costly and don’t do much to really personalize your interest in the school.  They also tend to do mass mailings which plenty of college coaches tend to ignore.

6  – WE are providing a service through YOUR club team.  No one knows you better, as a player, than your coaches and we do have some personal connections with college coaches throughout the country.


College Recruit Help

GLSA Guide to Selecting the Right School

Websites to help make the search a little more easier:

1 – NCAA Recruiting

2 – NSCAA College Soccer Scoreboard

3 – NAIA College Program     

4 – Junior Colleges   

5 – Division 3 Soccer

6 – Top Drawer Soccer College Search Directory
7 - US Youth College Planning by Sport Source


College recruitment programs that can assist in search.

Captain U
College Prospects of America - Lake County Affiliate
NCSA Athletic Recruiting


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